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As a director/producer/executive producer/ executive editor for BBC TV, Max Morgan-Witts was responsible for hundreds of documentary (non-fiction) programmes including 14 one-hour programmes titled The British Empire, an historical documentary series filmed in 40 countries and at the time the most expensive and ambitious documentary series the BBC had ever made. He started and was for two years Editor of Tomorrow’s World, a hugely successful popular science programme. He was Producer and Executive Producer of many one-hour film documentaries made for peak time viewing on BBC1, most of which he wrote himself but for one of which he hired Gordon Thomas, and so their writing partnership began.

He is an author and independent producer of films and videos, managing director of a book publishing and distribution company and of a film location company. He has jointly authored 10 non-fiction books (with Gordon Thomas), four of which were made into feature films (including Enola Gay – The Bombing of Hiroshima, which was first a four-hour NBC special and then re-cut as a feature). He has also written and produced corporate videos. etc etc.

Max is a member of Society of Authors, Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club and Club du Domaine des Hauts de Vaugrenier.

His awards include: Knight of Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe Award, Berlin Film Festival Silver Award, British Film Academy Nominee.

Film rights to Max and Gordon’s stunning book The Day Guernica Died are now under option. Documentary rights to Enola Gay: Mission to Hiroshima have been acquired by the BBC, and Voyage of the Damned has been adapted for the stage (Josefstadt Theatre, Vienna) and as an award-winning radio play (BBC Audio Drama Awards 2021, Best Adaptation).

Max Morgan-Witts