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We welcome enquiries about the rights to our authors’ works from film and TV producers and production companies. Please contact Guy Rose (details on the Contact page).

You can view or download our current catalogue of published books and original screenplays with film/TV rights available by clicking here or on the image (right).

The catalogue is in .pdf format.

Finding a screenwriter

Over the years, FRA has received many enquiries from film and television producers seeking a screenwriter for their project. On most occasions we’ve been able to recommend someone suitable: we have experienced screenwriting clients who work on contract as a matter of course, and can help with anything from a treatment or a simple script polish to a full page one rewrite.

Here’s what we’d like to know, so that we can assess your project, talk to the right writer and get back to you as quickly as possible:

 Subject matter, target audience, budget range (low, mid, big)

 At what stage of development/production is it?

 What do you need from a screenwriter?

 By when must the work be completed? Can you be flexible depending on the writer’s availability?

 Is finance already in place to fund the script work?*

 Under what contractual basis are you looking to hire a screenwriter?*

*These last two points are important for us.

If you have any basic story material already (pitch document, synopsis, treatment etc.) that you’re willing to let us see, please attach it to your enquiry e-mail. We’d prefer not to see complete script drafts for editing or re-writing initially.

In the first instance, please e-mail Guy Rose with as much of the above information as you can. If you would prefer a telephone discussion first, see the Contact page for our details.

Just to reassure you: we are not operating a script consultancy service, this is purely about keeping our clients busy and matching them to worthwhile projects where their skills can be put to good use. There’s no agency fee for you to pay, and no commitment until all parties have agreed terms and fees for the writer’s services.

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