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FRA has agreed an exceptional two-book deal with Random House Publishers, who successfully pre-empted an auction for world rights to the first two children’s books from Liz.

Kelly Ann is published by Random House Children’s Books, under the Corgi imprint.

TV/Film rights have been snapped up by RH TV and are now in development. Keith R. Lindsay is to adapt the book for the screen and will co-produce.

Liz signed a two-book contract with Random House in May 2007.

Random House Children’s Books published Liz’s third book Jumping to Confusions in June 2008.

My Dating Disasters, the prequel to the phenomenally successful Kelly Ann series, was published in May 2009, by Corgi Children’s Books.

AMC Pictures are currently in development with Liz Rettig’s Kelly Ann series of books for internet ‘webisodes’.

She has her own web site, at lizrettig.com.

My Rocky Romance Diary was published in August 2010, and Corgi Children’s Books published My Scorching Summer Diary on 29 March 2012.

Jumping to Confusions: “Cat is fat and boring – or so she thinks. Her mum is a stick insect and so is her twin sister Tessa – a bit of a spoilt brat who can get any boy she wants. There’s a new arrival in their town from the USA – Josh, the son of their dad’s boss. He’s gorgeous so Tessa is keen and Cat knows she doesn’t have a chance . . . But Josh seems strangely uninterested in Tess. Cat thinks there must be more to the situation . . . She and Josh become friends and eventually she thinks she’s got to the bottom of the mystery . . . maybe Josh just isn’t into girls at all . . . Now she has a new best gay friend, Cat’s life is much happier, and she and Josh get on wonderfully. If only things could stay that simple . . .”

Liz Rettig