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Paul, a barrister, was Labour MP for Wellingborough for eight years and during that time was a columnist for a national magazine. Before entering Parliament he was a speech writer for Tony Blair.

He has now returned to the Bar and has been elected to a Fellowship at Cambridge University.

Paul is - under the pen-name Tiffany Fluck - completing a trilogy of novels with the collective title BACCHUS BEYOND.: 1)Hung, Drawn and Slaughtered, 2)Barking at Lantropa; and 3)Predictive Sext; each of which is itself divided into three parts which are anchored to true historic events between 1966 and the present day. The individual novels read independently and have (apparently) only minor similarities of theme:creativity / addiction ; and structure: inverting the tropes of classic literature. It is not until the end of Volume 3 that it is revealed to be not a true trilogy, but a single work – one in which fact and fiction meet in a post-truth world, and fiction falls within fiction.

Paul Stinchcombe KC