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In 1987 Eric MacInnes joined ITN as a TV journalist, rising to on-screen Correspondent. He travelled the world with ITN reporting many major stories, including Lockerbie, the death of Princess Diana, the Bosnian war and Northern Ireland, before leaving to work as a freelance reporter in 2001.

Eric’s other passion has always been fiction. From an early age he wrote short stories and plays but began writing seriously in the early 1990s. To date he has written one novel and four screenplays.

Eric is a big admirer of Hollywood movie writers and wants to write British- or European-based ‘blockbusters’ only because ‘we seem to have created a niche market in quirky, plucky, slightly odd British movies. If Bollywood can do it, so can we.’

Eric’s screenplay Ordinary Lives and Crimes was shortlisted for the Orange Screenwriting Prize in 1999.

Eric MacInnes