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Chengde Chen is a philosopher pioneering philosophy-poems – discussing challenging philosophical issues in a poetic form, and the author of Five Themes of Today (Open Gate Press, London, 2001).

His works widely appear in literary and philosophical publications in the UK, including The Guardian, Envoi, Acumen, Poetry Monthly, The Philosopher, Philosophy Now, and Philosophy Today to which he was a regular contributor in 2002-2004. Their Chinese version is published in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China.

He calls philosophy-poems “caricatures of thought”, as they are seemingly briefer but more imaginative, hence more accurate in the sense of being more vigorous and more profound.

He has recently completed his philosophical novel, The Mind-Reader Revolution. Through the extraordinary story of how Britain enters the mind-reading era, it reveals how morality is determined by the human condition of thoughts being invisible. The important equation it establishes, “Visibility of thoughts = Instinctive morality”, represents a philosophical revolution in understanding why we are what we are, hence redefining the root of evil and rewriting moral philosophy.

His unconventional writing is regarded as a “new genre” and “a breath of fresh air through the stale corridors of philosophy”.

Chengde Chen