Kenneth G. Ross


Kenneth wrote the worldwide acclaimed screenplay Breaker Morant, starring Edward Woodward. The stage play of that name will shortly be produced in London's West End.

We are placing his spy thriller To Skin a Cat with publishers and his subsequent stage play codenamed L,V and P.

Kenneth began his writing career as a playwright in 1977. His first play Don't Piddle Against the Wind, mate received national praise as am Australian classic.

He followed this with the play Breaker Morant. Internationally acclaimed, it was made into the film of the same name, receiving Academy Award nominations for script and awarded Best Feature Film at Cannes. (Productions due in the West End this year, followed by Broadway opening, all going well.)

Other acclaimed plays followed:

TELEVISION CREDITS include working on long-running series

SHORT STORIES and FREELANCE JOURNALISM have also been published in leading broadsheets.