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Dr. Ciarán O’Keeffe’s life has been, at times, diverse (rugby captain, jazz pianist, language teacher, psychiatric nurse, gorilla campaigner).

He is currently employed at Liverpool Hope University where he specialises in researching and teaching three areas of psychology: Parapsychology, Investigative Psychology & Music Psychology.

His paranormal research has focused on testing mediums and psychics in the laboratory and also field-work examining haunting experiences. Additional research has included psychic criminology and ‘Christian’ parapsychology (i.e. exorcism, possession and stigmata).

Aside from academic research, which he has published and presented at numerous conferences, Ciarán attempts to provide a more sceptical perspective on various ‘paranormal’ shows in the UK (e.g. Living TV’s Most Haunted, and Jane Goldman Investigates). He's also been the lead psychologist in a project examining the effects of low-frequency sound at a concert in the Purcell Room on the South Bank, London.

Ciarán has participated in numerous bizarre projects (e.g. ghost investigation of Hampton Court & Edinburgh Vaults, exorcism ‘training day’, and filming of ‘lie detection’ for the movie Spy Game!) More recently he has participated in a documentary with National Geographic examining the use of psychics in criminal investigations and provided accounts of his daily activities in order to inform the lead in a recent ITV paranormal drama about the afterlife.

Ciarán O’Keeffe