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During his time at the BBC, Peter Dobbie has worked for many different BBC outlets, including Breakfast on BBC One, the BBC’s international news channel BBC World, From Our Own Correspondent on BBC World Service Radio, BBC Radio 5 Live, the PM programme on BBC Radio 4 and he’s written for BBC News Online.

Whilst working on BBC World, Peter presented and reported from France, Germany and Italy. He has anchored on location from Basra and Kuwait during the Iraq War in 2003 in which he worked across all of the BBC’s outlets. Peter, who originally comes from the west of Scotland, has also presented from Sri Lanka following the Asian Tsunami.

He has written a remarkable biography of the inter-war actor and entertainer Tom Walls, who will be remembered particularly for his 1930 starring role in one of the first British talkies, the films of Ben Travers which he directed and his major roles in the films of Anna Neagle and Herbert Wilcox.

The drama of Tom Walls’ off-screen career, his involvement in top level horse-racing and his relationship with Peter’s grandfather (an illegal bookmaker and ‘black sheep’ of a successful business family) form the background to this fascinating biography.

Peter Dobbie