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David Bret

French-born David Bret is one of Britain’s leading show business biographers.

He is also an authority on the chanson, who has composed for Rosalie Dubois, Jacqueline Danno, Dorothy Squires and the great French chanteuse Barbara (Les hommes bafoués) who also commissioned him to adapt several of her works (La solitude, Ma plus belle histoire d’amour, Precy jardin) into English.

He was an adviser to Elaine Paige for her stage appearance as Piaf, has made hundreds of radio and television broadcasts, numerous documentary films, and has given talks at Chicago University.

Currently he is working on a French adaptation of a rarely-performed Tennessee Williams play, and has a two-book contract for biographies on Doris Day and Joan Crawford.

In a wonderfully crafted narrative voice built upon a depth of research, David Bret returns to the world of celebrity biographies with the release of Clark Gable: Tormented Star.

“The prototypical male fantasy, Clark Gable astonished, delighted and inspired moviegoers with performances offering a pseudo-macho demeanour . . . The man behind Rhett Butler was a person full of variety and detail his characters never offered on screen.

Bret digs in to never-before-told details and source materials to show the man behind the macho image . . .  he highlights the bisexuality, troubled sexual exploration and affairs intertwined with marriages that highlighted Gable’s off-screen life. [He] takes the time to take readers back to the insults offered by Gable’s father figure, and traces how these early attacks paved the way for his later pseudo-macho persona. Within this framework Bret shines the light of complexity upon the cardboard cutout image projected in theatres and glossy magazines.

At its best, this celebrity biography is a tell-all about the lesser-known concerns, and as a result, part of the allure can be found in the simple intriguing details of this actor’s private life. Within his web of intrigue, Bret manages to offer a detailed account of the life and times of a Hollywood hero and leading man with clear wit and charming narrative detail.” [Condensed from the Augusta Metro]