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German language theatrical rights to our clients Max Morgan-Witts’s and Gordon Thomas’s best seller Voyage of the Damned have been acquired by Theater in der Josefstadt, a major theatre company in Vienna, Austria. The Oscar-nominated movie, screen-written by our writers based upon their own best-seller and produced by Sir Lew Grade, was released in 1976.

Piaf by David Bret was republished by Oberon Books to mark the centenary of Edith Piaf’s birth.

A new edition of Peter Sallis’s memoirs, Stories from Summer Wine, has been published by John Blake Publishing.

How Not to Be a Football Millionaire, a searing new autobiography by Keith Gillespie of Manchester United and and Newcastle United is published by Trinity Mirror Sport Media.

ALSO RECENTLY PUBLISHED: The Delivery Girl by Tony McAndrew; Dubai P.I. by Peter Anthony.

Some currently active film and TV projects negotiated by FRA:


Staying Alive by Larry Barker. Producer Barry Ryan.

C-Land by Larry Barker. Producer Barry Ryan.

Pro Bono by Kevin Clarke. Producers Sly Fox Films.

Bad Company by Keith R. Lindsay. Producers DLT Entertainment.


The Flyer Hold-Up by Simon Woodham. Producers Blake West/United Film House.

The October Gang by Kevin Clarke. Producer Jerry Leider.

It’s Only Rock ’n’ Roll by Kevin Clarke. Producers Ignition.

The Power Game by Keith R. Lindsay. Producers Euro Art (Media).

The Shetland Bus Company by Keith R. Lindsay. Producer Alistair MacLean-Clark.

Last Himalayan Rally by Christian Piers Betley. Producer Abis Rizvi.

Book to Film

Fatherland by Robert Harris. Producer Jerry Leider.

How to Be Bad by David Bowker

Broken Wings by John Clive. Producer Paul Duddridge.

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Film and television

Christian Piers Betley’s script On Friday Hill picked up the ‘Best Humanitarian’ Award in the feature screenplay category at the Monaco International Film Festival.

Iraqi singer/composer Kazem Al Saher has commissioned dramatist/poet Sue Lenier to write the libretto for his musical film of the old Iraqi epic of Gilgamesh.

Paul Marx’s screenplay To Hell and Back was one of three selected as a frontrunner from several hundred entrants to be performed at the BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum (Film) on 11 November.

Some of our currently active projects